20100115: Yevgeny Kazakov (Oxford University Computing Laboratory) reports...

OpenGALEN used with the CB-reasoner

I successfully loaded the OpenGALEN8 componentised version into a custom build of Protégé 4.1 using 1Gb for Java heap. There are two missing import references to modules in the posted versions which were not difficult to resolve manually. I then was able to save the ontology in OWL 2 functional style syntax, both as a componentised version and as a single ontology.

OpenGALEN response: Thanks for the confirmation that the files can be loaded. We will correct the import reference errors you report and post revised files.


The output ontology in OWL 2 functional-style syntax could be successfully classified using the CB reasoner in about one minute and about 500MB RAM when object property chain inclusions axioms are commented out. The resulting taxonomy consists of around 200,000 direct subsumptions and equivalences. Interestingly, the DB reasoner found around 700 direct subsumptions not found by the structural classifier (listed in the hierarchy dump files), but also appeared not to find a few subsumptions that the structural classifier did find.


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