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NAMED categories

Some primitives in the category hierarchy are deliberate artefacts, identifiable by the prefix NAMED in their label. The child categories of such entities share a common characteristic, but are otherwise heterogeneous. The artefacts break up what would otherwise be very large flat lists, to assist the modellers in managing early models. They may also provide a useful common parent from which a single constraint may be inherited. The prefix NAMED is to distinguish the artefact from the corresponding abstraction. For example, all NAMEDPathologicalProcesses (Trauma, Inflammation, Ulceration, Neoplasia, Degeneration etc) are PathologicalProcesses but not vice versa. This is expressed in GRAIL by:

(GeneralisedProcess which hasPathologicalStatus pathological)
  name PathologicalProcess.
NAMEDPathologicalProcess necessarily hasPathologicalStatus pathological.

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