OpenGALEN GRAIL and OWL Sources

2010-01-28: Updated version 8 sources available. Users of PROTÉGÉ are advised to use the componentised ontology and to allocate 2Gb of RAM.


The OpenGALEN Common Reference Model source files are available in both original GRAIL notation (an early description logic syntax and formalism, read the GRAIL Tutorial) and also in OWL-RDF (OWL 2.0 see W3C).

Users of the OWL-RDF translation - or of alternate OWL syntax derivatives of the RDF - are strongly advised to read the explanatory documentation bundled within the OWL translation download archives; translation of GRAIL to OWL is necessarily approximate and the documentation clarifies some of the signficant issues. The VisualWorks GROWL patch, which adapts the OpenKnoME 5.4d so that it generates OWL-RDF, is available here.

A fully open source knowledge management environment exists (OpenKNoMe 5.4d) to read, edit or compile the GRAIL sources, and a closed source but free demo environment is also available. No suitable open source compliant DL engine exists.

Technical documentation

Download documentation, including specification of the GRAIL Formalism and a GRAIL tutorial, a description of the OpenGALEN CRM high level ontology, and details of the anatomy and procedure modelling schema (1.9 Mb).

Source files

The sources for the OpenGALEN model are distributed under the GALEN Open Source License (GOSL). Read explanation on GRAIL-OWL conversion

Version 1, 1999-10-27 Source files GRAIL, compiled model
Version 2, 2000-04-18 Source files GRAIL / OWL-RDF, compiled model
Version 3, 2000-09-01 Source files GRAIL / OWL-RDF
Version 4, 2001-04-07 Source files GRAIL / OWL-RDF
Version 5, 2001-10-10 Source files GRAIL / OWL-RDF
Version 6, 2002-12-17 Source files GRAIL / OWL-RDF, compiled model
Version 7, 2005-08-31 Source files GRAIL / OWL-RDF, compiled model
Version 8, 2010-01-28 Source files GRAIL / OWL-RDF/ OWL-functional, compiled model, ReadmeFirst

Content metrics for CRM versions 2-8 (number of atoms, roles, defined entites, sanctions, usage patterms of roles etc)

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