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The Classification Workbench is a novel software environment aimed at people who build, maintain, extend or translate into different languages existing medical classification schemes. It has been developed within the GALEN-IN-USE project as a descendent of the ClaM-IV, but with much enhanced functionality.

The ClaW asks users to provide decompositions of the semantic meaning of each classification rubric, and this then allows advanced semantic processing to occur, such as automatic classification, generation of natural language rubrics in other languages, and cross-mapping between schemes.

Whole schemes, or fragments of schemes, from different centres can be exchanged in a collaborative environment and validated, integrated or extended as needed to produce locally tailored schemes that still remain coherent through the underlying reference model of medicine. Mappings between schemes can be derived automatically, and libraries of schemes expressed in this way can form an important component of data entry applications such as CLINERGY (below), enabling automatic encoding of entered clinical concepts.

Download an unlimited evaluation version of ClaW

Open KnoME

Open KnoME is a free OpenGALEN compliant client application, which is available under the topThing Open Source Licence (TOSL).

In addition to the topThing software, OpenKnoME requires two pieces of closed source 3rd party software to function:

OpenKnoME is currently available for Microsoft Windows platforms only. It is not technically difficult to port VisualWorks applications to other platforms, and we hope to do so eventually (when funds permit).

Download OpenKnoME
Download the VisualWorks GROWL patch (adapts the OpenKnoME 5.4d so that it generates OWL-RDF)


CLINERGY is a commercial strength structured data entry system, built on top of a live GALEN terminology server delivering an adaptation of a GALEN Common Reference Model. It is intended for use by primary care physicians, and is available as a software component which can be grafted onto a number of clinical systems available in the UK. Other functions such as appointments, lab results or prescribing would be provided by the host system as usual.

Download a demo of Clinergy. The demo applications must be run under an Administrator account.

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