OpenGALEN Powerpoint presentations

Below are links to five Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, each of which presents in graphical style an explanation of the history or main ideas behind GALEN.

If you are new to GALEN, start with:

The motivation for the GALEN project

The arguments and thinking which inspired the high-level goal of the GALEN project - supporting clinical applications. This presentation takes about 5 minutes to view completely, and together with the next presentation, is perhaps one of the best places to start if you are new to GALEN. The file is a Powerpoint 4.0 presentation which can either be set to run on automatic timings, or stepped through at your leisure.

The GALEN Terminology Server

A graphical overview of the GALEN Terminology Server and its interaction on a network with client applications. It can either be left to run on automatic timings, or you can step through it at your own pace.This presentation also takes about 5 minutes to view.

To catch up with the work done in the last few years, try:

An Overview of the Tools and Methodologies in GALEN-IN-USE

This is a PowerPoint 7 presentation which brings you up to date with the activity of the GALEN-IN-USE project. This project has been using GALEN technology to help existing classification centres around Europe. New tools have been developed to help them collaborate in the building of a new, compositional classification of surgical procedures. The presentation shows screen shots of the current tools. Viewing time is about 10 minutes.

Each slide is accompanied by explanatory notes, visible from the 'view..slide notes' option in PowerPoint. The paper Rubrics to Dissections to GRAIL to Classifications also provides further explanation of the process

The GALEN Model of Surgical Procedures

An overview of how surgical procedures are represented within the GALEN Common Reference Model, and of how this representation compares with the European pre-standard representation for surgical procedures, CEN ENV 1828.

GALEN & Classifications: A New Methodology

An explaination of GALEN's view of how a compositional terminology fits with static classifications. Each slide is accompanied by explanatory notes, visible from the 'view..slide notes' option in PowerPoint.

Formal Medical Terminology and Language Engineering for an Effective Use of Information Technology in Pharmaceutical Medicine

A discussion of some of the problems found in dealing with terminological knowledge and a presentation of the relationship between formal conceptual and formal linguistic approaches to adressing these problems.

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