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Why is GALEN open source?

GALEN is open-source because this is the best way to realise the full potential of the technology.

As GALEN has been developing and growing, it has become clear that what is required is more than a novel technology and a large body of knowledge. It also requires the contributions and continuing commitment from the community of its developers and users. We believe that the best way to achieve this community is to make GALEN an open-source resource, and to encourage the continuing development and maintenance of GALEN technology as an open-source system.

There's no better way to get a usable product than to get users involved in developing that product. Even better is to empower them to become the developers, maintainers, contributors and critics.

For GALEN to fulfil its potential, this kind of user involvement is crucial not just for the initial development or growth phase, while we transition from research-funding to industry exploitation and use. We need it indefinitely. The best way to enable and achieve this involvement is to remove all the barriers.

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