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Who is OpenGALEN?

OpenGALEN is a not-for-profit organisation (that happens to be the form of a Dutch Foundation). It has been formed by the Universities of Manchester and Nijmegen (members of the research consortia of the GALEN projects), and we are delighted to announce that it has acquired the rights to sub-licence - under an open-source licence - the GALEN Common Reference Model.

The officially registered statement of purpose of OpenGALEN is here .

The current management board of OpenGALEN is comprised of Professor Alan Rector, Professor Pieter de Vries Robbe and Mr Pieter Zanstra.

Is there another one?

At present, there is no other body that can supply a licence to the GALEN Common Reference Model. OpenGALEN licences for the model are free and you can sublicense packages that contain the GALEN Common Reference Model to 3rd parties: either together with software, or simply on its own, or with other kinds of added-value. As is common with open source systems, the only limitation is that the terms of the original licence from OpenGALEN are carried through to every sublicense. This ensures that the common part of the model remains open, but you can still charge for any additional proprietary service or software that you provide.

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