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What does OpenGALEN do?

Today, OpenGALEN provides a point of access to the GALEN Common Reference Model, and to descriptions and specifications of the GALEN technology. It provides links to organisations that can provide help, software and services in using GALEN technology. It promotes GALEN technology to the health-care systems industry. What it does in the future depends on its members and their needs.

There are various levels within the GALEN technology and models. For example, the following kinds of knowledge can be separated:

Some of these resources will always be proprietary to their originators. But there is a level where commonality is useful. In particular we anticipate that the GALEN community may want a significant part of the GALEN Common Reference Model to be maintained as a common shared resource.

OpenGALEN aims to persuade the GALEN community to contribute material to help complete a shared, central, application-independent part of the Common Reference Model, and to fund maintenance and distribution of that resource.

OpenGALEN will also be pleased to accept and distribute resources linked to that central core - for example mappings to popular coding schemes. But companies remain free to maintain proprietary mappings to the central model.

OpenGALEN imposes no requirements on its users in any direction, except that they must include acknowledgement of OpenGALEN and include the GALEN Open Source License ( GOSL ) with any sources or binaries distributed. We are convinced some common and shared resource will be valuable, but we are happy to let the community decide the exact boundary between shared and proprietary. And of course we have to respect existing licensing requirements for mappings to proprietary schemes.

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