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Step Three: Descriptors

Having defined a set of categories in a hierarchy, you can now begin to add descriptors.

Each new descriptor must be assigned to an existing descriptor category. By convention descriptor names are usually written entirely in lower case, except sometimes where an abbreviation is part of their name. Descriptors can be comprised of more than one word, using either spaces or underscores as separators, e.g. acute appendicitis, chronic_lymphoedema.

If youÂ’re following this tutorial with the software, create a descriptor category hierarchy containing 11 categories as shown in the left hand pane.

To add the first descriptor, select the category Deed in the descriptor category hierarchy browser on the left. Type implanting into the text box on the right, and press the Add button.

You can change the name of a descriptor using Change and delete one (or more than one using CTRL-Click to multiselect) using Delete.

You can not add a descriptor to more than one category: if a descriptor with the same name already exists somewhere in the Authoring Terminology, perhaps in a different category, then the Add button will not become active. Instead the Find will become active.

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