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The Hierarchy

At this point, we'll take another look at the hierarchy we've constructed. We'll only show parts of it, as the network is now quite large.

The browser above shows us some of the position of Man in the hierarchy. Note that all the subsumptions shown above are formal: they are derived from the definition of the Man category. The browser is displaying the following subsumption relationships:

Formal subsumption for composite concepts is essentially a recursive notion using subsumptions of the constituent categories. In the following diagram, illustrating a more complex area of the hierarchy, Subsumption 1 illustrates a subsumption where the base categories (RoadVehicle and Car) are related, while 2 illustrates the situation where the categories in the criteria (Person and Man) are related. The dotted arrows indicate asserted subsumptions, whereas the solid arrows indicate formal subsumption relationships that have been derived by the GRAIL engine.

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